Large Trees


  • Landscape Design and Architecture for Eagle, Idaho

    Planting & Landscape Services

    Create an Outdoor Living Oasis

    At Done Rite Tree Company, we offer planting services, maintaining, and caring for plants in gardens, parks, or other outdoor areas. These services may include planting new plants and trees. Some planting services may also offer landscape design and installation, where they will work with clients to create a customized garden or outdoor space that meets their specific needs and preferences.

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  • Stump removal in Boise, Idaho

    Stump Grinding

    Remove Unsightly Stumps

    Protect your trees, home, and family from the hazards of dead stumps and annoying roots. We take extra care knowing what is below the ground before we embark on our stump removal service. Keeping you and your property safe.

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  • Tree Trimming in Boise, Idaho

    Tree Trimming & Pruning

    Picture-Perfect Tree Shaping

    Let Our Arborists Enhance Your Property’s Natural Beauty by improving your tree’s health which will prevent tree failure that can cause accidents or damage.

    We prioritize the health and safety of your trees. Our team of expert tree climbers includes ISA Certified/Trained Arborists, certified fire mitigators, and Certified Landscape technicians who work with both residential and city clients in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Kuna, Star, Emmett, Middleton, Idaho.

    Benefits of Maintaining Your Trees with Done Rite:

    • Tree shaping will make your landscape look its best all year round
    • Expert pruners trim and shape trees reducing disease and optimizing tree health
    • Safety-first approach to preventing branch interference with power lines and homes
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  • Crane used to remove large damaged tree at a home in Boise, Idaho

    Tree Removal

    Tree Removal Done Rite since 1995

    At Done Rite Tree Company, we understand the potential risks that dead or damaged trees can pose to people and property. We offer expert tree removal services in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Kuna, Star, Emmett, Middleton, Idaho to help you keep your property safe and hazard-free.

    When a tree is at risk of failing, we provide our recommendations in accordance with ISA standards to ensure the safety of your property and the surrounding landscape. Our team believes in preserving and restoring tree health whenever possible while adhering to the highest safety standards for our crew and clients.

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