Stump removal in Boise, Idaho

Stump Grinding

Remove Unsightly Stumps

Protect your trees, home, and family from the hazards of dead stumps and annoying roots. We take extra care knowing what is below the ground before we embark on our stump removal service. Keeping you and your property safe.

Stump removal in Boise, Idaho
  • Tree Removal of large damaged tree in Boise, Idaho

    Doing It Right

    Done Rite Tree Company can help you reclaim your yard by grinding down unsightly stumps and annoying roots below the surface. Then, with our top-of-the-line equipment and expert technicians, we’ll leave you with a smooth, level surface ready for anything.

  • Stump Removal of large stumps in public park in Boise, Idaho

    Protect Your Trees and Home

    Don’t let stumps ruin the look of your yard or pose a hazard to your family and guests. Instead, let us take care of it quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy your outdoor space fully. Our services are fast, affordable, and guaranteed to keep your yard clean and tidy.

  • Stump removal in Boise, Idaho

    Any Stump, Anywhere

    At Done Rite Tree Company, we don’t just remove the parts you can see – we grind down the entire stump and remove the main roots to prevent pests and other issues from cropping up in the future. And with our smallest, most agile stump grinder, we can access even the tightest spaces without damaging your property.